Keyan's Way

A CEO with an ASD

Welcome to Keyan's Way

A page to share our journey to discovering our son's full potential. Keyan is a 17 year old

non-verbal autistic with intellectual disabilities. I have been my son's advocate from the moment I had to tell my husband that the doctor red flagged him as having autism. I built a charitable organization to create a space in this world for him and others just like him.  During the pandemic we discovered that his life would take a different direction then the one we had planned. It would be an even better one ! With the slow down we learned that Keyan loves to sit 

one-on-one with his mama bear, stringing beads.

A lightbulb went off and we knew what Keyan would do with his life. He would/could be the CEO of his own business, life and destiny with the continued love and support of his family.

I hope this inspires families who live parallel realities to think outside the box .  For those who have  supported our journey - for you we will be forever grateful

I welcome you to the new home for Keyan's Way products. Here you will find his latest products with an online order process

Thank you for being here.

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