The Qc Government confirms that Special Needs individuals are less than human

Is it possible to feel outrage and heartbreak at the same time? The answer is, YES. With the current state of the world we have felt both. A global pandemic has us on lockdown and life as we know it changed forever. No one would be an exception, we had to adopt the mindset that we are all in this together. We were strongly encouraged, by our governments, to take actions to help stop the spread and that our actions would help save lives. So we complied, desperately wanting to do our part. As the days went on we would start to live with an enormous amount of fear, heartbreak and frustration. We watched death tolls on the evening news and feel the enormity of collective grief. The world was suffering and there was nothing we could do but stay home and watch the numbers rise. Systems were overloaded and the most vulnerable died (mainly the elderly). We couldn’t imagine more suffering and then news out of the USA that innocent people were being killed because of the color of their skin; Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. * Pure outrage that those in power were allowing Ahmaud’s murderers to run free. Then the life of both Breonna and George taken by law enforcement. Across the globe there is outrage and heartbreak.

Today there has been another layer added to my suffering. I have stayed home to do my part during the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have stood beside my brothers and sisters committing myself to my anti-racist education and now I must fight my government who came out yesterday saying that if faced with a shortage of ventilators (in a second wave of COVID-19) that special needs individuals would be denied a ventilator. My government, the Quebec government has issued directives to doctors saying that if an individual with Down Syndrome (or any other special needs) comes into the emergency not to provide them a ventilator. My government has stood up and clearly declared that individuals with special needs are no worth saving. So heaven forbid my beautiful, spirited and generous son Keyan gets COVID-19 and must be rushed to hospital I already know he will die because my government mandated it. My heart breaks into a million pieces. This is not okay. For the past 15 years of my life I have advocated for autism trying hard to make society see that our children are different not less. I have opened up our lives to demystify autism and to show people how much my son is loved. Keyan was born to show us all that every human life has purpose.

So today I wake up with a broken heart but determined to challenge the government. I will not rest until we start to see everyone as human. My advocacy work has just been challenged to go next level – no more playing safe, quiet and nice. I need you to be my ally in this fight. My first ask is to please SHARE my post and second to sign the petition attached. Thank you

*I want to acknowledge that the murder of innocent BIPOC has been happening since the arrival of the Europeans but that the murder of these three individuals seems to be the tipping point.

Directives handed down from the Quebec government to doctors and nurses if this boy has COVID-19, do not save him, do not waste a ventilator on him.

© 2018 Audrey Burt

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