The Keyan Chronicles (in defense of my son)

I can’t get it out of my head and I can’t merely get over it this time. It is unbelievable to me that this guy right here would be considered less human than all the other kids I see on social media; dancing, painting and practicing their sport. I believe the day you are born there should be a statement declaring that your life has value and that you should have access to your best life.

The Quebec government has adopted a triage protocol in the event that there is a devastating second COVID-19 outbreak - individuals with special needs would not have access to ICU care or ventilators. Despite creating/signing a petition asking the government to make changes there has been no response to our call for action.

I can go off in so many directions...I am feeling all the feels; hurt, mad, frustrated, devastated, confused and utterly disgusted in my government. It’s more than that though - it’s the reality that some people are okay with this protocol.

I know you don’t know Keyan and you don’t owe him anything. My hope is that the work I have done to demystify autism has created an awareness in you that solidifies the idea that this boy is loved, he has value and he deserves to live life to the fullest. I hope when I ask for your help to support me in making the necessary change, to policy you will show up. In the coming months, I will call on my friends, neighbours and community to take action to really affect change with the goal of making space for the over 15 000 families in Quebec living with autism.

I am still processing all of this and I have to share with you that two days ago I needed my mom. Don’t we all need our mom’s? When we hurt most and feel pain we call out to our mom’ s. So I needed her. Despite the COVID-19 recommendations of social distancing my broken heart couldn’t take anymore and I needed my mom. I rang her doorbell and walked through her door, she could see my distress asking me what was wrong. My response was everything!!! I asked her to hold me up and she let me cry in her warm embrace for what seemed like an eternity. I cried until the tears ran dry. My pain exposed. I went to her because I am still trying to be strong for my family but when I think of the state of the world it’s all too much, I am scared to fall apart.

This is a time to show up for anyone who is suffering; those who have lost a loved one due to COVID-19, front line workers who have seen too much death, our black brothers and sisters fighting for their lives, families with special needs children who have been told their children don’t matter and others who are feeling the effects of our collective grief. I encourage you to reach out, because your love and support is accepted everywhere.

Remember - We are all in this together.

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