MARCH BREAK 2018 Amongst the little people we glide

Today was a first for our family. Although we were all brought up in Quebec, a place where kids are thrown onto skates before they can even walk, we were not. We didn't figure skate or play hockey. Yes you can consider us an anomaly.

Kunal has taken the kids on a few occasions to the ice by the seaway to skate but has never attempted to afix ridged boots with blades onto his feet. Instead he glides across the ice in regular winter boots a good 4 inches shorter than his son. Kunal serves as Keyan's guide.

As March approaches the ice outside begins to melt forcing everyone inside. On this day papa is forced to put on skates (no boots allowed on arena ice) for his son who counts on him as emotional support.

I have been reading up on our governments; local, provincial and federal "policies regarding people with handicaps" and most documentation talks about inclusion. I have my strong opinions on this topic but that is for another time. This reading sparked me to practice what they preach - in essence bring my very LOUD, weird, abnormally large teen to all the activies my tax dollars pay for.

I have gotten to the point that I am exhausted worrying about what everyone else thinks. My boy likes adventure and needs to be stimulated. Otherwise the days are long and pass way too slowly. If the governments think that my boy should be welcomed anywhere and everywhere then that is what I am going to do. Nevermind the blank stares and the crooked looks. Pretend that people are not whispering and wondering "what is wrong with that boy?". As a family we will solidier on even if it's only for a 15 minute skate at the local arena. Together we are a family united.

Thank you to the city of Candiac for offering activities for March Break - in going forward our family will attend as many events as possible because although Keyan's body will grow tall his brain will remain that of a young child.

We skated, glided, turned and never fell down. Why? Because we persisted and insisted that each member of this family help the other. Mama first on the ice with her boy followed by her back up papa and big sister.

Later on once Keyan had enough one by one we left the ice feeling like we had accomplished something. For most families at the arena it was about skating with the beautiful princesses and taking photos to put in the memory album. Our photos (without princesses) are taken to remind us what we do - how we step out of our comfort zone - how we push through and how we succeed at the simplest of tasks

© 2018 Audrey Burt

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