Greece can wait.

For the past 10 years my husband and I go away every fall to help us reconnect and take a break from our hectic lives. This year was supposed to be a 10-day affair with Greece. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out because of growing concerns for our son. Keyan had a bad start to the school year and it affected our household negatively. A very concerned Mama Bear there was no way I was going to cross the Atlantic, enjoy myself all the while hell might be breaking loose back home. Greece is our dream vacation and leaving an unsteady home situation would not make for a relaxing getaway.

My husband and I got to work on getting Keyan back on track. We worked with his school to make some required changes. After a huge team meeting we were able to implement some solid changes. We consulted his doctor to make the necessary changes in his medications. We also cut back on his leisure activities because they started to stress him out rather than provide pleasure. At home, we created strategies to help lessen Keyan’s stress. We also hired a mother’s helper two days a week. Keyan loves those who care for him so having another person in the mix every week is envigorating to Keyan’s monotony. All of these things together made it so we got our son back to his best self; cooperative, smiling, cuddling, in essence happy and comfortable in his skin.

Kunal and I go away every fall because we need to stay connected. That connection is what gives us the fuel to solider on in this very hectic life we lead. Also, it is important to maintain a healthy marriage in order to be our best selves for our children. We recognize that taking time for each other is a must! Albeit I strongly dislike flying, that fear is always pushed aside because I know it is essential to my marriage. I am proud to say that our hard work has paid off. Kunal and I are high school sweet hearts and have been together for 30 years (married 21 years). Everyone out there knows that marriage is not a given. In fact, they say 50% of marriages fail but the statistics are even worse for those with a special needs child, the divorce rate skyrockets to 90%. So if ever you look at my vacation photos and say WOW – they are so lucky. Think of it this way – it’s an essential part of our marriage – it helps us to keep our family together.

The one criteria I insist upon is that we take a direct flight otherwise too much travel/chaos is involved in a week long vacation. Oh and did I mention I don’t like flying. So over the years we have visited all the hot locations down south that have direct flights from Montreal: Florida, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba. If we wanted to visit other Carribean islands we would have to take a connecting flight. Sure no big deal but it adds stress to an already stressful travel for me. So this year Kunal and I agreed to take a shorter vacation of 5 days only. A test to see where Keyan is at. Again, I insist on a direct flight especially since our vacation time has been shortened. I discover there is a direct flight to Lisbon. I gain the courage to accept travelling overseas again. Knowing this adventure will help alleviate the disappointment of not going to Greece - my husband is elated.

Next post our 4 day visit to Lisbon...

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