A SEED to a garden

Every action taken

However “small”

has the potential to grow

It will grow however BIG you want it to

We all know that a woman is a force to be reckoned with

When she sets her mind to something

giving of her; time, love and energy

that “small action”can be cultivated into something

bigger then once imagined.

Take a seed for example

It is so itty bitty

A seed on its own is nothing

But when it is planted in rich soil

provided water and sunlight

It will grow

It will grow into a beautiful flower, delicious fruit or vegetable

or even a tree

The seed which becomes a plant is remains

fragile and delicate

unless it is continuously cared for

when nurtured properly

it won’t merely transform from a seed to a plant

it will flourish from a flower to a fruit .

Whatever your heart wants to pursue

(be it a new hobby, a new language, an athletic endeavor, launching a new business, leaving a toxic situation)

That pursuit starts off as a seed

An itty bitty seed of desire for something more.

Don’t be afraid!

After all an amateur gardener has the ability to take the first step

all you have to do is push the seed into the earth.

Now you decide

do I step back and hope the seed grows

Or do I pay attention?

Listen to what it needs

And provide it with the proper amount of water,

ensure it is getting the right amount of sun and fertilizer?

Just like a gardener decides what seeds to plant in the garden

You have to decide what you want out of life!!!

What do you want your life to look like?

A seed, a plant or a whole garden?

You have to take the steps to create it.

If you push the seed into the soil and merely hope it will grow

you will be utterly disappointed.

If you sit around waiting for life to happen for you

Please know

That’s not how it works!!!

You have to take action

you have to plant the seed

water it

fertilize it

ensure it is getting enough sun.

sometimes you might even have to prune the plant

or take it one step further and de-weed the whole garden.

In the end your garden

will be a perfect reflection

Of how you nurtured a seed.

My hope for you is that you were able to create a whole garden.

© 2018 Audrey Burt

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