My Reading Corner 

It was in the beginning of 2019 when I thought to myself I have to read more and not only while on vacation. After all, I was spending so much time looking after my physical self, by running four times a week, meditating and doing my best to eat right. I thought what about my mind? I have do do something to keep it healthy. I have to admit I was also inspired by Bill Gates.  After watching a 3 part docu-series about Bill Gates on Netflix, I thought if this guy has time to read then what is my excuse?!  


How was I going to carve out time? Being the morning person I am I decided to wake before the alarm. That meant sometimes I would read anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour a day. Whatever amount of time I dedicated to reading I deemed it a success. By the end of the year I had read 22 books. That was quite an accomplishment for someone who was reading only 2-3 books a year. So far this year I am up to 25 books read and still counting. During this global pandemic reading has granted me a glorious escape from it all. Right here in "My Reading Corner" I would like to share with you some of my favorite's starting with the most recent ones. 

I don't want to star rate books but rather share the ones that I was fully immersed in. The books you find on this page have made me laugh out loud, cry real tears and think about my life. I have to admit that Reese Witherspoon has incredible taste in books and I have read several of her selections. Shhhhhh - Don't tell Oprah (one of my favorite people on the planet) but I prefer Reese's picks. Heather's Picks from Inidigo are usually pretty good too. 

Untamed opened up the narrow view I had about motherhood. Glennon released me from a narrative that had me feel like a caged bird! We don't have to be martyr's to be good mom's. Glennon gives the reader permission to be themselves.  The Shoe Dog is the story about Nike. I loved Phil's passion and hustle from beginning to end. The Henna Artist took me back to the beautiful characters and places of India. The author did such a fantastic job that I couldn't put the book down. I read that one in 2 days. 

If you question whether or not you have the time to read - trust me you do. It's like anything else in life - you have to want to. With only a few minutes in the morning I found a love of reading that I never had before. I hope this inpsires you to pick up a book and travel somewhere far away. 

© 2018 Audrey Burt

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