Whether you are the new mom to an infant, mom to a special needs child, an empty nester, a grandmother, or simply a consistent supporter in a child’s life, you inherently know what it means to be "A Mama Bear". Always at the ready to defend, console, provide, guide, nurture and love.


A Mama Bear brand seeks to inspire, and reaffirm that whatever kind of mama bear you are, you are part of a diverse group of women that wear this title like a badge of honor, while maintaining your own sense of strength, femininity and authentic identity.

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The Mama Behind the Brand

Audrey Burt Saha, is a wife, mother of two, President & Founder of a Charitable organization, and marathon runner/triathlete. Of the many hats she wears in her daily life, her most treasured role is Mama Bear.


In spring 2018, Audrey decided to take a leap of faith and write her first blog; "Autism Mama Bear". It is about the inner workings of her life, particularly as a mother to a boy with severe autism. The response to her first post was overwhelmingly positive.


As Audrey uses her platform to demystify autism, she also inspires her followers through anecdotes about her family, work, passions, creativity and what it means to be the ultimate Mama Bear.

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